Speakers & Subwoofers
Kenwood USA is a leading developer and manufacturer of consumer electronics and communications equipment. Founded in the United States in 1961, Kenwood USA is the largest sales subsidiary of Kenwood Corporation of Japan and is recognized by consumers and industry professionals for providing products known for quality, performance, and value.


* 6"x9" 5-way, 5-speaker system (Also comes in 4 way and 3 way speakers) * 5-way 5-speaker System * 6"x9" P.P. injection woofer cone * New angled direct sound system * 500W maximum input power * 70mm midrange 20mm tweeter * 12mm super tweeter * 10mm super tweeter * supplied with a pair of grills and speaker cable


5-way 5-speaker System 6"x9" PP Mica Cone Woofer Angled Direct Sound 70mm Midrange, 20mm Tweeter, 12mm Super Tweeter, 10mm Super Tweeter 500W Peak Input Power # Speaker System 5-way 5-speaker System # Speaker Type Coaxial # Peak Input Power 500W # Rated Input Power 90W # Speaker Size 6"x9" # aximum Input Power 180W # Rated Input Power 90W # Woofer Cone material P.P. Mica Cone # Speaker Basket Steel


4-way 4-speaker System 6"x9" Pearl Mica Injection P.P.Cone 70mm Midrange speaker, 20mm Tweeter, 20mm Super Tweeter Image Enhancer mkII(Patent of KENWOOD since 1987) 400W Peak Input Power


2-way 2-speaker System Oversized 170mm Titanium Coated Cone Woofer 20mm U.F.L.C. Soft Dome Tweeter Image Enhancer (Patent of KENWOOD since 1987) 250W Peak Input Power


* 2-way Separate Component Speaker Package * Oversized 160 mm Titanium Coated Cone Woofer with Rubber Surround * 20 mm U.F.L.C. Soft Dome Tweeter / 2-way Mounting: Flush/ Surface Mount * Crossover Network in See-through Compact Housing / 3-Point Tweeter * Attenuator (0dB, -2dB, -4dB) / Protection Circuit against Excess Input * Peak Power - 280 W * Maximum Input Power - 130 W * Rated Input Power - 65 W * Sensitivity -92 dB * Voice coil -4 Ohm * Frequency response - 30 ~ 35.000 Hz * Cross-over frequency - 4 kHz * Mounting depth (woofer) -56 mm * Size -176 x 176 x 87 mm / 38 x 38 x 22.7 mm * Magnet weight - 330 / 11 gr * Net weight - 1.070 / 40 gr


3-way 3-speaker system 170mm P.P. Injection Cone Woofer 35mm Midrange / 12mm Tweeter 200W Peak Input Power


* 3-way 3-speaker System * 170mm P.P. Mica cone with fiber texture * 30mm P.E.I. Balanced Dome Tweeter * 12mm Ceramic Tweeter * Image Enhancer 3 (Patent of KENWOOD since 1987) * 250W Peak Input Power


* 120w Peak Power * Shallow Mounting Depth: 41.9mm * 100mm P.P. injection cone woofer * 30mm P.E.I Balanced Dome Mid range * 12mm Ceramic Tweeter


* 130mm P.P. Mica cone with Fiber texture * 25mm P.E.I. Balanced Dome Tweeter * 12mm Cermic Tweeter * 160W Peak Input Power * Image Enhancer 3 (Patent of KENWOOD since 1987)


3-way 3-speaker System 130mm P.P.Cone Woofer 30mm Midrange, 12mm Tweeter 150W Peak Input Power


3-way 3-speaker System 130mm Injection P.P.Cone Woofer 30mm Midrange & 12mm Tweeter Easy Fit Connector for European Cars 150W Peak Input Power


3-way 3-speaker System 100mm Injection P.P.Cone Woofer 30mm Midrange & 12mm Tweeter Easy Fit Connector for European Cars 120W Peak Input Power


* 3-way 6x9 car speakers * Peak Power output: 300W * Rated input power: 100W * Fiber texture carbon-polypropylene woofer cone with butyl rubber surround * 25mm soft dome midrange * 20mm PEI (soft) balanced dome tweeter * impedance: 3 ohms * frequency response: 50-25,000 Hz * sensitivity: 89 dB * top-mount depth: 85m