Smart - Interior Products
Smart ForTwo 451

6 CD Holder

Genuine Smart Accessory. Safe storage for up to 6 CDs. The CD holder is located in direct reach of the driver and passenger. Simply unclip it and you cantake your CDs with you wherever you go.

Ashtray and Lighter Set

Genuine Smart Accessory. This smoker's kit includes an integrated ashtray and cigarette lighter.The ashtray is easy to remove for emptying and cleaning.

Cup Holder

Genuine Smart Accessory. For securely holding 2 cups,cans or bottles of various sizes.

Velour Floor Mats

A perfect fit for the foot well. smart logo and silver looped edging are a perfect math for the interior colour scheme. A high quality and hard-wearing highlight

All Weather Floor Mats

Made of dirt and water resistant rubber, these non - slip mats protect the carpet and are easy to clean. In addition, their shape and design fit perfectly with the interior of the vehicle.

Glasses Compartment

Ample room for almost all types of glasses - within easy reach of the driver. The compartment has a magnetic closure to prevent glasses from falling out.

Set Of Bags For Storage Compartment

Clever double function: A cockpit bag for the passenger side for safe storage of CD's, vehicle documents and MP3 player, with different access to the smart MP3 interface and removable shoulder strap for use when out and about. Min Max bag for storage compartment on the drivers side - open zip to reveal a large shopping bag.

Rubber Mats For Storage Compartments

As well as enhancing the appearance of the vehicle interior, this set of three non - slip rubber mats ensures that small items on the instrument panel (wallet, keys etc.) make no noise and stay right where they are put.

Wind Deflector

Largely eliminated wind turbulence during open-top driving by reducing the air flow in the whole interior. And makes open-top driving a real pleasure, even when outside temperatures are low.

Protective Devider Plus

The clever 2-in-1 solution offers flexibility and safety. Thanks to the safety net with integrated luggage compartment cover, you can always make the most of the luggage compartment.

Luggage Compartment Cover

Provides protection from prying eyes and keeps small items securely in the luggage compartment. Thanks to its retractable design, it is simple to fix and can be operated easily with one hand if you want to transport larger items.

Luggage fastener

The foam-filled, elastic nylon snake adapts perfectly to the shape of the luggage and can be secured with a Velcro fastener, ensuring that luggage remains securely in place during braking and cornering.

Net For Luggage Compartment

A net on the side wall and another for the floor of the luggage compartment for quickly securing loose items while keeping them in easy reach.

Luggage Compartment Management System

The order of the day! Thanks to the flexible luggage compartment management system with slot in sections, the luggage compartment can be partitioned as required - shopping can also be secured in place using an elastic strap and a shopping (trolley) bag.

Boot Tray

The waterproof, non slip material protects the luggage compartment and its lining from wet, dirt and wear. Secured with Velcro fasteners and removable at anytime as required.

Malfunctional Box

For a shopping trip or a picnic, the insulated box is just the thing for keeping food and drinks hot or cold. Thanks to its profiled lid, you can even put a drinks crates on top of the box. The luggage compartment can hold two of these boxes at the same time.

Dashboard Instruments

Fuel-efficient yet always on time: Cockpit clock and rev counter for the unmistakable look - a must for the smart for two! Both instruments swivel so that they are always in your field of vision.

3-Spoke Leather Sports Steering Wheel With Steering Wheel Gearshift

Covered with fine leather for a good grip. The shift paddles allow smart drivers to shift gears Formula one style as well as increasing safety, because both hands remain on the wheel while changing gear

Safety Plus Package

As well as an emergency jacket, first aid kit, hazard triangle, torch, ice scraper, smart umbrella and a box with replacement lamps, this package includes ax extra storage compartment into which the vehicle manual fits perfectly!

Breakdown Kit

An innovative breakdown kit enables the provisional repair of punctured tyres. The Tyre sealant and compressor can be used quickly, easily and cleanly without the need to remove the wheel.

BRABUS 3-Spoke Leather Sports Steering Wheel

Ergonomic design with a superb grip.With steering wheel gearshift for gear-changing in true formula one style. Also offers more control and active safety since both hands remain on the wheel while changing gear.

BRABUS Gear Knob

Matt aluminum with leather applique lends the interior a more sporty and elegant touch - also goes perfectly with the BRABUS hand-brake handle.

BRABUS Hand- Brake Handle

Made of solid, Matt brushed aluminum - a pleasure to hold and to behold. Together with the leather effect sleeve, it enhances the sportiness and elegance of the interior.

BRABUS Sport Pedals

Made of Matt aluminum, the pedals enhance the sporty feel.Black rubber nubs on the pedals prevent slipping, thereby ensuring a precise response to the driver's commands and reactions.

BRABUS Ambient Lighting

Unobtrusive yet highly practical illumination in the foot well in front of the driver and front passenger seat. Connected to the interior lighting, it switches on and off automatically.

BRABUS Velour Mats

Protect the carpet from wet, dirt and wear - as well as enhancing the appearance of the interior. Not only extremely hard-wearing but also quick and easy to clean.

Road Licence Holder - Silver

This item is a quality precision product made from Aluminium with a laser etched logo to customise your car.It is a completely new design which encorporates a clear sleeve for easy changing of your tax disc. No more fiddly screws. This is supplied with 3M sticky pads for easy holding to your windscreen.