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Smart ForFour

Smart Forfour Basic Luggage Rack

Can be fitted to and removed from the vehicle roof quickly and easily. High-strength yet light aluminium construction, specially designed and developed for the smart forfour. Basic roof rack - the secure base for various rack modules (bicycle rack, ski and snowboard rack, roof box). The locking mechanism for the basic rack secures all parts together, making the entire structure safe from theft. Easy-care and rust-proof. Note: Basic Rack Only (snowboard and fitting accessory for illustration puposes only).

Smart Forfour Brabus Rear Apron

As fitted to all Forfour Brabus models. Factory-primed, can be finished in any colour. Material: High-grade PUR RIM plastic, glass-fibre-reinforced. Easy to fit with attached super sticky pads! The finishing touch if you have fitted a Forfour BRABUS sports exhaust.