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Smart Roadster

Roadster Rear Luggage Rack

The rear luggage rack is made of anodised, corrosion-proof, easy-care aluminium. It serves to carry a suitcase or similar items of luggage (ski or bicycle racks cannot be fitted for technical reasons). Luggage is secured to the rack by means of an elastic strap of 2.50 m in length (included in the scope of delivery). To counter the risk of luggage obstructing the stop lamps, an additional 3rd stop lamp is integrated in the rear luggage rack (the standard 3rd stop lamp is deactivated). The rack is fitted to the boot lid using threaded bolts which are pre-fitted to the rear luggage rack itself, and self-locking nuts which are screwed into position on the inside of the luggage compartment lid. Special plugs are also supplied to close the holes in the roadster's luggage compartment lid if the rack is removed. Maximum luggage load: 23kg Effective storage area: approx. 900 mm wide/approx. 420 mm deep. The rear luggage rack gives the smart roadster an original look. The rear luggage rack is an additional means of transporting luggage, in a way that does justice to the roadster image. Luggage is easily accessible. Easy-care, corrosion-proof aluminium design. Internal screw connection prevents theft of the rear luggage rack.

Roadster Car Cover

Perfect fit for the roadster or roadster-coupé. Easy-to-handle fastening system. Material: A hard-wearing, water- and tear-resistant material with a black smart logo on both sides. Covers the vehicle and protects it against: Weather influences (rain, snow, frost, ultra-violet radiation), extreme temperatures (cold, heat), soiling (from dust, animals, pollen) and vandalism (scratches, stones).

Hard Top Bag

A bag for the hardtop roof halves: these are stowed in the bag together with the hardtop support. Large, U-shaped zip. The bag is foam-padded. 3 handles and a shoulder strap for easy carrying. Same material as used in the smart roadster bag collection. Easier to transport and easier to handle Ideal protection during storage of the hardtop roof halves. When only a hardtop is to be fitted (no soft top installed), the bag containing the hardtop halves may also be transported in the vehicle.

Brabus Fuel Filler Flap Cover

Striking BRABUS design cover highlights the finer points of detail on the vehicle. Lends the smart roadster & smart roadster-coupé an exclusive touch. Easy to fit, Genuine Brabus part with all fitting instructions included.

Wheel Theft Protection

Offers additional reliable protection against theft of the wheels. Anti theft protection visually suitable for all wheel types. Simple handling and quick to fit. The code card guarantees rapid procurement of replacement, should the safety key provided with the set be lost.

Parking Sensors

Ultrasonic sensors monitor the space behind the vehicle during reversing. Parking aid includes poly amide (PA 6) reinforcement for the license plate > Sensor range approx. 100 cm (competitors: 80-120 cm) > Acoustic warning if the car comes too close to an obstacle as minimum standard (beeping frequency increases the closer the car gets to an obstacle), recognition of bollards, hydrants, clipped onto rear number plate. Simple and quick to fit. Safe and simple reversing. More reliable judgment of parking distances! Eliminates the danger of knocks during parking. Makes faster parking possible.