Marine Audio
The corporate name "Clarion" comes from a long brass instrument that issued an extreme highrange sound and which first appeared in the 14th century; the one with a bending tube was called a "clarion", and the one with a straight tube was called a "tromba." The clarion was an S-shaped instrument similar to today's trumpet but had smaller bells and thicker tube walls. The mouthpiece was heavy, and it is thought that the clarion could provide a good balance of sound with other instruments.


60 Watts RMS Being on the water is no excuse for second-rate sound. That’s why Clarion offers high-performance marine speakers that offer the water-resistance and durability you need, plus audiophile-pleasing features such as variable-angle tweeters. With the tweeter angle freely adjustable, you can more precisely create the soundscape you want in a wider variety of on-board installations. Unlike the insular, restricted space of a car, the boat has an open-air environment with special requirements. Clarion has you covered with advanced materials and design.


100 Watt maximum music power 16.5 cm (6-1/2″) Mica-injection polypropylene woofer cone Sanoprene rubber surround 1.9 cm (3/4″) titanium-coated dome tweeter Meets salt/ fog and UV exposure standards (ASTM B117/D4329) High impact centrex 814 grille / frame Liquid drainage system Rubber insulated tinsel leads Gold plated speaker terminals Stainless steel mounting hardware Rubber mounting gasket