Marine Audio

Pounding out great audio on the water is no easy task. It requires a commitment to durability without making sacrifices in quality. Infinity Marine is a testimonial to the fact that this can be achieved.

More than any other component, speakers define the sound of an audio system. They are the most personal choice you have to make. So how is it possible for a market-leading brand like JBL® to build loudspeakers that satisfy so many people? The answer is a combination of painstaking scientific research, advanced engineering and many years of experience.

The corporate name "Clarion" comes from a long brass instrument that issued an extreme highrange sound and which first appeared in the 14th century; the one with a bending tube was called a "clarion", and the one with a straight tube was called a "tromba." The clarion was an S-shaped instrument similar to today's trumpet but had smaller bells and thicker tube walls. The mouthpiece was heavy, and it is thought that the clarion could provide a good balance of sound with other instruments.

High performance marine component speaker systems designed to withstand the harsh marine environment