Amplifiers allow you to get the most out of your speakers and subwoofers by delivering a clean high-power signal. When your system includes subwoofers, component systems and multielements speakers; the addition of an amplifier is a big benefit. JBL offers a wide variety of amplifiers to meet and exceed your needs.

JBL PX300.4

JBL PX300.4 770 watts 4 Channel Power Amplifer with Electronic Crossover And Dynamic Bass Optimization (DBO). The JBL PX300.4 is an ideal choice if you are looking to deliver great power to your front and rear speakers. This amplifier was developed with sonic accuracy in mind delivering ultra-low distortion and exceptional channel separation. The JBL PX300.4 comes equipped with a slope selectable electronic crossover capable of setting the slope rate at 12dB or 24dB per octave. The additional adjustment will allow you to maximize output power and finely tune the system response to your vehicle. Dynamic Bass Optimization (DBO) - The rear two channels of the PX300.4 includes DBO which provides variable filtering with adjustable "Q" below 100Hz, far beyond conventional "Bass Q" circuits, by allowing the low-frequency output to be optimized for specific subwoofer applications. Frequencies below an enclosure's tuning frequency can be attenuated, preventing damage to the subwoofer and allowing the amplifier''s power to be better utilized.Full-range preamp outputs - In the event that multiple amplifiers are used in an application, this feature allows for streamlined system hookup. No high-loss Y-adapters or splitteres needed.