Infinity Pounding out great audio on the water is no easy task. It requires a commitment to durability without making sacrifices in quality. Infinity Marine is a testimonial to the fact that this can be achieved.


Already got an Infinity BassLink II powered sub? Expand its capabilities with the Basslink 4sc module. Just slide this amplifier board into the expansion slot on the BassLink II and you've added a 4-channel amplifier to your powered subwoofer.Once the board is installed, your expanded BassLink II sends 35 watts to each of your vehicle's front and rear speakers, in addition to the 250 watts already powering its internal 10" square sub. It maximizes the performance of your front and rear speakers by using a high-pass filter to keep the bass with the subwoofer where it belongs.As an added bonus the BassLink 4sc can create a phantom centre channel. It sharpens and improves the stereo image of your music without adding an extra speaker. The wired remote control included with your BassLink II powered sub lets you adjust the phantom centre channel settings from the driver's seat.